Saturday, August 18, 2012


"Two three-year-old twin brothers have had their genitals amputated after a circumcision operation went horribly wrong in Khanaqin.

Khanaqin hospital media official Arian Qader said: "Unfortunately an unwanted incident occurred while circumcising the two boys. After the operation went wrong, their penises were amputated. Now they urinate using plastic tubes."

Qader said the doctor and assistant amputated the kids' genitals by mistake.

The official added: "When you circumcise a boy, there is a small tool in our hospital that looks like an iron for amputating a small part of the skin on the top of the penis."

"After the incident, both kids got gangrene, the disease of infection of the wound."

The genitals were ironed more than the normal procedure requires and this led to infection. The boys' penises were later amputated.

The kids are Arab from Baladruz. Their father has registered a lawsuit against the doctor (I.A) and assistant.

Gangrene is a serious and life-threatening condition that arises when a considerable mass of body tissue dies after an injury or infection."
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Twin Boys' Genitals Amputated After Circumcision Op Goes Wrong